Our Team

High-caliber IT experts at your service

Here at GNT Solutions we're passionate about our reputation, so we recognize the importance of cultivating a great staff.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable IT experts have many years of experience serving the technology needs of businesses both small and large. Our team of support staff are serious about staying up-to-date on cutting-edge technological advances in today's ever-changing IT environment.

And finally, we understand that outstanding IT expertise alone does not constitute a great customer experience. For that reason, GNT Solutions provides regular customer service training to make sure that our focus stays on our clients' satisfaction - because after all, that's what our reputation is based on.


Todd Bollenbach

Founder & CEO

Todd is the founder and CEO of GNT Solutions. Since founding the company in 2004, Bollenbach has grown GNT Solutions into one of the largest, locally owned, managed IT service providers in the Sacramento region. Read more


Eric Johnson


Eric is a Partner at GNT Solutions. Prior to joining GNT Solutions, Johnson was the CIO and head of Information Security for River City Bank headquartered in Sacramento, CA. River City Bank is among the largest 10% of banks in the United States when ranked by asset size. Read more


Steven Clark

Technical Account Manager and Partner

His range of specializations include mobility, software integration, technical rollout and the development of systems that support the optimization of teams and processes for growth. Read more


Benjamin Wood

Technical Account Manager

Ben is a Technical Account Manager at GNT Solutions. Prior to joining GNT Solutions, Wood served as a Managing Consultant for a national Managed IT Service Provider headquartered in Chicago, IL for nearly 10 years. Read more


Nick Squires

Technical Account Manager

Nick came to GNT Solutions following a 10-year role as the systems administrator for a large ingredient manufacturer in the Los Angeles area. His specializations include large-scale production/manufacturing environments and distributed network/server infrastructures. Nick came to IT by following the progression of photography into the digital space, which lead to his role at Apple, where his focus was photography and design software as well as digital storage. Read more