About Us

GNT Solutions was founded in 2004 to be the market leader delivering technology support to small and medium businesses (SMB's). Our purpose is to make technology work for business by radically improving the economics and delivery mechanism of technology for the SMB - changing them from infrastructure builders to consumers - the Utility Model. Flick the light switch and it just flat works.

Our portfolio of services includes network security, monitoring and management; end-user help desk; on-site engineer services; internet; email; remote data back-up and restore; infrastructure supply and support; financial and consulting services.

We deliver an ongoing proactive, contractual service outsourcing the IT management process measured by a level of performance focusing on consistency & improvement over time at a fixed, scalable rate per unit managed. The result: peace of mind that comes from knowing you have enterprise-strength technology and IT experts working for your business, and the budget predictability that comes from one set monthly fee.

When it comes to effective IT management, SMB's are the most underserved, as their reliance on IT continues to grow while their resources and budgets are stressed. As a result, more SMB's are seeking GNT Solutions as their trusted partner with proactive IT services to meet their needs.