Ways GNT Solutions is empowering businesses amid a global crisis

Ways GNT Solutions is empowering businesses amid a global crisis

To make it through the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are refocusing on their core competencies and are working diligently to enable their workforce to be as flexible as possible. Here at GNT Solutions, we are quickly assisting our clients to empower their remote teams and helping them to leverage technology and keep operating despite the myriad of challenges. Here are some of the ways we are serving our clients during the pandemic:

Providing infrastructure and service desk capabilities

In today’s digital work landscape, we are keeping our noses to the grindstone to fulfill client requests and help keep businesses running. While many small companies have taken the first step of transitioning to remote work, they still need help managing the logistics and improving the overall remote work experience.

We provide our clients with IT infrastructure support, take on a host of network-related tasks, including configuring hardware, establishing remote connections, and managing backup and storage options, among other activities. These all help to ensure that our client networks are reliable enough to facilitate a remote workforce. The GNT Solutions service desk provides our clients with a centralized resource for their employees to receive answers to questions, troubleshoot problems, and facilitate solutions. Appropriate and timely support is crucial, especially in times of great uncertainty.

Doubling Down on Information Security

Information security is always important and can never be considered “done” as it’s constantly evolving. During the pandemic (and going forward), we urge each of our clients to enable multifactor authentication for any of their critical systems that they access. If you have questions on how this is performed, please reach out to our team and we can be of assistance. When it comes to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products, we can perform a very simple project to get this configured for all employees through the centralized Office 365 administrative portal.

Additionally, at no cost to our clients, GNT Solutions has deployed new Advanced Persistent Threat Detection to all client servers during the pandemic period. Please contact us today if you would like to discuss the costs of having this solution pushed out to all workstations/laptops in the company.

Simplifying cloud adoption

Cloud solutions are ideal if IT environments must be quickly modified to meet changing demands or difficulties, which is why we are helping businesses leverage a variety of cloud technologies and even move their data and applications online faster than ever before.

Delivering flexible solutions

As business needs continue to shift, GNT Solutions must move in lockstep and provide support wherever we can. It’s not uncommon for clients to lack the right skills and resources to handle technology-related projects. GNT Solutions is helping clients by providing the expertise and technologies needed to pursue these projects in a flexible manner, allowing companies to keep moving forward.

Providing better client service

As many businesses are still adjusting to the new normal, providing positive client experiences goes a long way to earning trust and ensuring client loyalty post-crisis. At GNT Solutions, we’ve increased our staffed support hours during the pandemic and continue to also offer after-hours emergency on-call resources to assist our clients for emergencies, there’s no additional charge for this service. We believe that by being compassionate and empathetic to the situations of our clients, we will be able to navigate these trying times together successfully.

Call the GNT Solutions IT experts today to help configure the perfect remote work setup for your business.