Why a technology business review is vital

Why a technology business review is vital

Identifying opportunities in all areas of business is vital for growth, but one area that’s often overlooked is technology. Although it’s easy to adopt an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude with IT, conducting a technology business review is quite beneficial.

What is a technology business review?
A technology business review reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s IT framework and provides a roadmap for IT investments over multiple years. It’s often performed by your IT provider in conjunction with the internal management team with the goal of brainstorming technology initiatives to help meet your goals. If done properly, technology business reviews allow you to:

Save money
Planning out infrastructure refreshes and strategic technology initiatives allows an organization to be able to time their spending for optimal tax/cash-flow purposes and also allows the organization time to research the best deal on hardware and software solutions.

Increase productivity
System-wide reviews of your IT infrastructure show you what processes are hindering operations and propose solutions that let you work faster and smarter. For example, if employees are mainly sharing files via email, consultants and management might conclude that cloud collaboration platforms like Office 365 or G Suite that store data in a centralized location for seamless file sharing are a better solution.

Enhance security and compliance
Technology business reviews also uncover security risks within your business. Our remote monitoring agents scan for missing patches and other basic software vulnerabilities that make it easy for cybercriminals to hack your systems, but there is always more that can be done to educate and test employees on cybersecurity threats as employees, not systems, are often times the sources of breaches.

They’ll then compile their findings to create a more robust defense strategy, usually one that involves implementing advanced solutions like intrusion prevention systems, file access restrictions, and patch management software.

If you operate a business that’s subjected to data regulations like HIPAA or PCI-DSS, consultants will also pinpoint IT practices and solutions that are noncompliant and customize a strategy that ensures the privacy, integrity, and availability of your data.

Implement technologies that fit
Considering that new technologies are released at a breakneck pace, it’s important you pick the ones that make sense for your operation, its goals, and the bottom line. Technology business reviews keep you up to date on the latest technology trends and gauge the impact of implementing them, so you can make informed decisions.

Whether your goal is to increase profits, productivity, security, or all of the above, technology business reviews can put you on the right track. Our seasoned IT professionals can conduct these reviews for you and develop a strategy that gives you an edge over the competition. Just give us a call.

Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.